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SKU: PS-300
$200.00 Regular Price
$109.00Sale Price

Teeny Trains Track Set PS-300 is a brand-new 2020 year product with no predecessors. PS-300 was developing by Engineers of IDL Motors during last 6 six years with certain interaptions. It was created as a base for many different products that could be finished by our loyal customers.

Self-propelled Dual Teeny Train has a round shape approximately 7-1/2 inches (190 mm) Track for two  Mini-Motion trains scaled aproximatelly 1:1500.

The Basic kit includes Single round shape PCB Tracks integrated with an electronic controller, two train sets, wireless remote controll and a power adapter;

Universal Power 12 V power adapter capable to plug in to 110 V – 250 V power source;

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