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Connectable Track CT-210

Connectable Track CT-210

SKU: CT-210
$225.00 Regular Price
$155.00Sale Price

IDL motors brings you the worlds first fully-configurable 3-D magnetic track a high-tech masterpiece. A perfect and truly unique gift - for children, adults, family, friends. A dazzling invention with a variety of fun applications. You may want it as a conversation piece for your home or office or as a promotional display for your business. Teeny Trains are one-of-a-kind, easy to use and now available for order.

Protected by: US 7623013; US 8421280; PCT/US2008/002969; Patent pending. 

The configuration CT-210 presented here  contains three 90 RC (90 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE), one 90 PWC (90 DEGREES RIGHT POWER CURVE) and two 180 RC (180 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE).

Wireless Remote Control

Electronic Control Module

12 Volts Power Adapter

This model would be shipped to you assembled as shown. If you wish to add any other sections and/or purchase dissasembled configuration please make an order by sending us an email or call 858-571-0475

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