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Connectable Track CT-400 (Omega)

Connectable Track CT-400 (Omega)

SKU: CT-400
$270.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price

We bring you a special product OMEGA, the world's first fully-configurable 3D magnetic track - truly a high-tech masterpiece, perfect unique gift for children, adults, family, friends. 

Size: 12.5" x 10" (318 mm x 254 mm)



Configuration CT-400 (Omega) contains one LT (LINEAR SECTION); one 90 PWC (90 DEGREES POWER RIGHT CURVE); one 90 RC (90 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE) and three 180 RC (180 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE). 

Train Set including one locomotive and five passenger cars

Wireless remote control

Electronic control module 

These parts will be shipped to you fully assembled as shown. 

A remote control will be pre-coded with the same code by factory default. It can be changed per customer request.

SPECIAL ORDER: Any Connectable Track can be fully assembled on a one-of-a-kind exotic wooden base with a custom-enrgaved name plate (as shown in a picture).

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