Connectable Track CT-400 (Omega)

Connectable Track CT-400 (Omega)

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We bring you a special product OMEGA, the world's first fully-configurable 3D magnetic track - truly a high-tech masterpiece, perfect unique gift for children, adults, family, friends. 

Size: 12.5" x 10" (318 mm x 254 mm)



Configuration CT-400 (Omega) contains one LT (LINEAR SECTION); one 90 PWC (90 DEGREES POWER RIGHT CURVE); one 90 RC (90 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE) and three 180 RC (180 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE). These parts will be shipped to you fully assembled as shown. 

A remote control will be pre-coded with the same code by factory default. It can be changed per customer request.

SPECIAL ORDER: Any Connectable Track can be fully assembled on a one-of-a-kind exotic wooden base with a custom-enrgaved name plate (as shown in a picture).