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PS-200C (5v)

PS-200C (5v)

SKU: Ps-200C
$77.00 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price

PS-200C set enables miniature objects to get magnetically propelled along the track - a perfect center piece for the doll houses, miniature sets and objects. It is not only the world’s smallest moving train set - it is also the smallest track in the world of an approximate ("micromotion") scale of 1:1000!

Due to the low weight – very inexpensive shipping charges to any countries around the world from USA

All options include: Fully integrated electronics and track not requiring an assemblyTwo types of motion: moving at Single mode (constant speed) or Semi Random Speed Mode (various speeds, stops and reverses)Nano Express Train set (one black old-style steam engine locomotive and three multicolor passenger cars)Universal USB 5V Power Cable.

Due to the low weight shipping cost is much lower, especially for international shipping.


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