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PS-100B Track Set

PS-100B Track Set

SKU: PS-100B
$135.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price

Teeny Trains Track Set PS-100B is a brand-new 2019 product derived from its predecessor PS-100A produced and sold by IDL Motors, San Diego CA since 2013. It is a much more reliable train set as there are no outside wires and electrical connections.

Self-propelled Nano Express Train has size 170mm by 125mm with approximate Mini-Motion scale of 1:1000.

The Basic kit includes Single new style PCB Track integrated with the electronic controller, train set and a power adapter;

Universal Power 12 V power adapter capable to plug in to 110 V – 250 V power source;

This Mini-Motion set is equipped with wireless remote control, capable to provide complete control of running train such as: forward or reverse, start, speeding up, speeding down, stop and so on.

Every set of PS-100B would perfectly fit in the wooden box PS-000 that can add to the purchase.

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