Dual Deluxe Christmas Set with 27 LED Lights

Dual Deluxe Christmas Set with 27 LED Lights

$250.00 Regular Price
$220.00Sale Price

Miniature generously decorated Christmas tree illuminated with 27 ultra-bright multicolor LED llights. High End Product (custom orders only).

Basic option (no LED): Size: DIA 9125" x 9.5" (232 mm DIA x 241 mm)

Christmas tree surrounded by meticulously hand-wrapped color foil packages with a variety of the most popular Christmas melodies.

Two tiny trains scaled 1:1000 (each with one locomotive and three passenger cars) smoothly moving on elevated oval tracks in opposite directions circling around the tree.

High-quality resin base with an exquisite burl wood finish.

High-end hand blown glass dome securely resting in a recess on the resin base. 

110-250 VAC 60Hz power adapter operating around the clock.

Product is secured in a styrofoam shell and packaged in a decorative colored 11 inches cube box.

Protected by: US 7623013; US 8421280 PCT/US2008/002969.2

As an option, the 6V battery pack with the plug can be purchased from our website (AA batteries are not included).


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