NEW! TeenyTrack - PS-200A

Teeny Track Kit PS-200A is an upgraded version of the previous model PS-200US. The difference that PS-200A has an additional 3 powered (3Volts) ports that could be used for installation LED.

If you are interested to purchase a version with installed LED please check PS-200B

 Teeny Track employs a revolutionary unique magnetic propulsion technology to move small objects like a train smoothly around on very thin and narrow track. In fact it is only one technology so far that allows moving miniature objects (trains, cars, people, boats and etc) and most important for the miniature world - it does fit the dollhouses.

It is not only worldwide smallest moving train set - it is also the smallest track in the world.

The world’s smallest self moving Teeny Track Train made in approximate scale of 1:1000

The kit includes: 

  1. Fully integrated Unit (electronics and track), does not require any assembly.
  2. Set of Nano Express Train (one black old style steam engine locomotive and three silver passenger cars)
  3. Universal Power adapter for 110 V - 250 V for USA or Europe.

This product could be package in the Beautiful wooden box that can be purchased from our website as well.

In cases when it is inconvenient or impossible to use Power adaptor - the 6 volts battery pack with the plug can be purchased from our website as well. (batteries are not included)

It is recommended for dedicated enthusiasts, who are striving to build stuff by themselves.


Please check and have fun: 

NEW! TeenyTrack - PS-200A
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