New! Train Parts Nano Kit PS-100A-T


Train Parts Nano Kit PS-100A was launched into production by IDL Motors, San Diego, CA company.


Train Parts Nano Kit employs a unique breakthrough magnetic propulsion technology to move small objects, like miniature trains, smoothly around a very thin narrow track/tracks. Today it is only commercial technology on the market that allows moving miniature objects (trains, cars, people, boats and etc) along the track.

 The world’s smallest self-propelled Nano Express Train has an approximate scale of 1:1000.

 The Basic model includes: 

Single PCB Track along with:

  1. Electronic controller in the plastic box with sound option and multi speed option;
  2. Nano Express Train Set (one black old-fashioned steam engine locomotive and four passenger cars)
  3. Sound of 3 Christmas melodies (“Away In A Manger”, “Carol of the Bells” and  “Sleigh Ride”) along with the Train Whistle sound, which can be silenced for a quiet night-time operation.
  4. Two options of the motion such as: moving at Single mode (constant speed) or Semi Random Speed Mode (different speeds, stops and reverses in correlation with the music)
  5. Universal Power adapter for 110 V - 250 V

In addition to the basic model we are offering certain accessories that you could purchase along with the basic model suh as:

  1. Additional Track with the Train Set that includes a second track with train (1 locomotive and 4 passenger cars) that plugs and runs from the same electronic controller in opposite direction;


This product could be package in the Beautiful wooden box that can be purchased from our website as well.

In cases when it is inconvenient or impossible to use Power adaptor - the 6 volts battery pack with the plug can be purchased from our website as well. (batteries are not included)

 It is recommended for dedicated enthusiasts, who are striving to build stuff by themselves. 



Protected by: US 7623013; US 8421280 PCT/US2008/002969.


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