Cars/Train Parts Nano Kit-PCT-200

This video was provided by our loyal customer, as an example of creativity in using this amazing kit!


Unique breakthrough magnetic propulsion technology design. It is capable of smoothly moving tiny objects like Buses, Taxes, Train and etc. along a very thin narrow track.

Combine Set of Cars/Train Parts Nano Kit contains:

1. New Universal PCB Track.

2. Electronic controller in the plastic box.

3. Set of 1/500 scale cars (2 Taxis and 2 Buses) and Set of 1/1000 scale Train (1 locomotive and 3 passenger cars)

4. Power adapter for 110 V - 250 V

5. Single Speed, No sound.

Protected by: US 7623013; US 8421280; PCT/US2008/002969.


 All of the above options could be package in the Beautiful wooden box that can be purchased from our website as well.




In cases when it is inconvenient or impossible to use Power adaptor - the 6 volts battery pack with the plug can be purchased from our website as well. (batteries are not included)




Combine Car's/Train Nano Kit
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