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Connectable Track CT-200

Connectable Track CT-200

SKU: CT-200
$170.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price

IDL motors brings you the worlds first fully-configurable 3-D magnetic track a high-tech masterpiece. A perfect and truly unique gift - for children, adults, family, friends. A dazzling invention with a variety of fun applications. You may want it as a conversation piece for your home or office or as a promotional display for your business. Teeny Trains are one-of-a-kind, easy to use and now available for order.

Protected by: US 7623013; US 8421280; PCT/US2008/002969; Patent pending. 

The configuration CT-200 presented here  contains three 90 RC (90 DEGREES RIGHT CURVE) and one 90 PWC (90 DEGREES RIGHT POWER CURVE);.

Wireless Remote ControlElectronic Control Module12 Volts Power Adapter

This model would be shipped to you assembled as shown. If you wish to add any other sections and/or purchase dissasembled configuration please make an order by sending us an email or call 858-571-0475


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